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Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing (torrent)
09.01.2013, 9:31 PM

Game Information:
 The hottest and most real truck racing sim you have ever seen. The strong
 license of Daimler Chrysler / Mercedes and the fast 3D engine assure a game
 of high interest and quality! Mercedes Truck Racing will stand out from the
 crowd of racing sims already available. Truck Racing is at its best.
 Mercedes Truck Racing is a truck racing game based on the BreakNeck engine,
 with the Mercedes license behind it. Test your skills in racing freightliners
 in a 1st or 3rd person view. Choose from various tracks, weapons and
 collision damage to your truck.
 * Up to 11 trucks in a race.
 * Original Mercedes Benz Super Race Trucks.
 * Authentic circuit design of all original FIA race tracks, e.g. Nurburgring,
 Circuit de Catalunya (Spain), and A1 Ring (Austria), plus 3 fun tracks.
 * High detailed Truck models with over 1.500 polygons
 * 3D Cockpit, lightning effects, transparency...
 * All original Mercedes Benz race teams with authentic driver profiles,
 sponsors and race statistics.
 * Single race, Training or Ghostlap mode.
 * Two races per weekend including training, qualifying and race.
 * Telemetry data.
 * Visible damage and vehicle deformation.
 * Different weather conditions (rain, fog).
 * Surround sound.
 * Multiplayer mode.
 * Detailed circuit information with comments from experienced race
 truck driver 

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